Despite being in the Caribbean, Haiti is often overlooked by popular destinations such as Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and even Mexico. Even though the island has many trumps that could easily persuade travelers to have a great holiday experience.

The beaches

Beaches are teh number one reason for travelers when visiting this part of the world. And Haiti has its fair share of paradise-like stretches of sand. In the South, beaches such as Beach in Port Salut is one of the best of the country. Point-de-Sable Beach in Port Salut is one of the most visited ones by locals, and Abakabay even made the CNN’s list of best beaches in the world.

Idyllic waterfalls

When visiting Haiti, there is one waterfall you really should not miss: Bassin Bleu-Saut-Mathurine. It is the largest waterfall in the country and can be found in Jacmel and Camp-perrin. It is one the best places to cool off curing a hot day.


Active travelers who love to spend a day in contains will love Mount Macaya. It is the second highest peak of Haiti and takes about six hours to reach the summit, making a hard and long route, but well-worth it. You will cross all kinds of vegetations on a non-marked way, so make sure to have some navigation experience or hire a guide from the national park.

Historic sites

People who love to combine long days at the beach with some cultural exploring will feel at home in Saint Louis Du Sud where two historic forts, For des Anglais and Fort des Oliviers, are located. They date back from the many battles that were fought there in the South during French colonisation period.


Adventure seekers who are looking for underground exploration can find their thrill in one of two Haiti caves. Cave Marie-Jeanne is the largest one and is about 4 kilometers deep and over 120 meters deep. More than suitable for a while day of caving!

The amazing sunsets

Nothing beats a day by watching a sunset over the Caribbean sea. Southern Haiti is known to have some of the best sunsets in the Caribbean. It doesn’t even matter which village to choose, the locations are equally impressive. But if we have to make a recommendation, our choice would be Port-Salut. A personal favorite for watching the sun sink slowly below sea level.

The incredible food

Well, no holiday would be complete without trying delicious local dishes. And if you are into seafood, you are in luck because restaurants in Jacmel, Gelee Beach and Port-salut are renowned to offer some fo the best fish and lobster dishes.

Wandering in Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are the best choice to discover the exotic plants of the destination you are visiting. Bergeau is still building up its reputations, but has it all to become the Caribbean’s best. We highly recommend spending a few hours admiring the plants, fruits and trees if you are in the area.

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